We collect batteries for recycling from households across the district.  

Once you’ve filled a bag with batteries – they can be any size of household battery (no car batteries, please) – simply leave your filled bag on top of your GREEN BIN where our collection teams can clearly see it and we will take it away.

Bags left inside the bins won’t be recycled.

Where else can I recycle batteries

Most large shops and supermarkets which stock batteries provide recycling bins in store which can be used should you not wish to store used batteries at home. Also all local recycling centres accept old batteries.

Safety advice for storing batteries

Batteries do not present a risk to health and safety if handled correctly. However, residents should be aware that some batteries contain hazardous substances that can leak out and others can cause fires if broken apart, they come into contact with water or they are heated.

Therefore, the following common sense measures should be applied to limit the risk posed by the storage of waste batteries: 

  • Ensure that other materials are not mixed with the batteries
  • Ensure that batteries do not have exposed trailing wires that can cause short circuits
  • Ensure that batteries have the terminals covered with tape
  • Ensure that the container is positioned in a cool, dry place
  • Ensure that the container is stored away from combustible materials

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