New Register of Electors 2018

Household enquiry forms will be delivered to every property in the District from 20 July 2018, to make sure we know who is eligible to register to vote.

To avoid costly reminders or a visit by our canvass staff, please respond immediately to avoid us sending further forms. As well as ensuring you have your right to vote, responding immediately will help the Council to save money by not needing to send reminders or having to make personal visits.

If we do not receive a response from the initial form by 17 August 2018 a first reminder will be sent.

If we do not receive a response from either the initial or first reminder forms by 14 September 2018 a second reminder will be sent.

If we do not receive a response from this either the initial or reminder forms by 15 October 2018 a final reminder will be sent or a personal visit to the property will be made by our staff.

How to respond

You can respond to your household enquiry form either online, by telephone, text or post.

You can respond online to confirm all the details on the form are correct or to make any changes, such as adding or removing people or making alterations to the information.

  • Go to 
  • Enter the 10 digit security code, the eight letter password and the property postcode as printed on your letter

If you respond online, please do not return the form by post.

Telephone or text

If all the details on your household enquiry form are correct and there is nobody to add or remove, you can respond by telephone or text.

  • Either call 0800 025 3161and when prompted enter the 10 digit security code, or Text only the 10 digit security code and eight letter password to 07507 319820.

If you respond by telephone or text, please do not return the form by post.


  • If you cannot respond online, by telephone or text please complete the form and post back to us using the pre-paid envelope provided.

New Names to include

If any names are added to the household enquiry form, the newly added people will receive an individual registration form in the post. This registration form will ask them to either complete their registration on line at or by completing the form and returning it to us in the enclosed pre-paid envelope. More information can be found at Registering to Vote. It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that they complete the form so that they are registered to vote.

A new Register of Electors will be published from 1 December 2018 and will be used at any elections that may take place until 30 November 2019.

You should register as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t miss out on the chance to vote. For more information on voting please visit:

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