Beat the Heat

Stay connected

  • Look after yourself and check on others, especially the elderly
  • Listen to the weather forecast and the news
  • Plan ahead to avoid the heat

Keep well

  • Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks
  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Slow down and avoid heavy activity

Find somewhere cool

  • Know how to keep your home cool
  • Go indoors or outdoors - which ever feels cooler
  • Cars get hot, avoid closed spaces

Watch out

  • Be on the look out for signs of heat related illness
  • If you feel too hot, cool your skin with water, slow down and rehydrate
  • Get help. Call NHS 111 or in an emergency 999

Keep cool when temperatures soar

When the temperature goes up there are things you can do to ensure you don't suffer the adverse effects of the heat

  • wear sunscreen
  • drink lots of cool drinks
  • keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm if possible
  • wear loose fitting cotton clothing
  • try and stay in the shade
  • wear sunglasses with UV protection
  • keep your head covered when you go into the sun
  • look out for elderly neighbours and relatives, young children and animals
  • never leave any person or animal in a closed, parked vehicle

Protect your home from burglars

Householders are warned not to post an invitation to burglars by leaving their homes insecure.

Residents are advised to make sure that they lock windows and doors - even if you are only out in the garden because it can only take seconds to become a victim of crime.

Householders are also been warned not to leave expensive or attractive items on show and to deter thieves by making sure that property is clearly marked. CREMARK and similar property marking systems are available to buy from Nottinghamshire Police's Pre Crime Unit.

For more information call 101 ext. 800 3011 or sign up for advice and  crime alerts at . Or in an emergency dial 999.

Lock up your shed

Gardeners are being urged to lock up their sheds and make sure their tools are securely packed away to deter thieves.

Nottinghamshire Police advise NOT to:

  • Leave garden tools outside.
  • Leave sheds and outbuildings unlocked.
  • Leave garden gates open.

But to:

  • Secure large items such as ladders and cycles together with a chain.
  • Use outside security lighting to alert you to movement.
  • Invest in a shed alarm - it doesn't have to be expensive.   

Householders are advised to make sure their property is clearly marked. CREMARK and similar property marking systems are available to buy from  Nottinghamshire Police's Pre Crime Unit. To request more information call 101 ext. 800 3011.

Summer car care tips

Summertime is travel time! Extreme heat and long drives can be tough on cars. High temperatures can damage batteries and stress the cooling system and tires. As a precaution, these vehicle components should be checked periodically during summer to help avoid breakdowns and car problems.

Before hitting the road this summer, you can take several simple precautions to keep your family safe.

  • Check tyre condition and pressure regularly
  • Check oil levels
  • Check coolant levels in the radiator reservoir. Remember to never remove the radiator cap or coolant tank lid until the engine is thoroughly cooled.
  • Beware of slippery roads if it has rained after a dry spell
  • A dirty, streaky or smeared windscreen can be a hazard. Replace worn wiper blades and replenish windscreen washer solution.
  • Have air-conditioning units checked annually

It is also a good idea to try and keep your car cool when you are not driving by parking in the shade where possible!

What it means to you: Don't get stranded in the heat. Maintain your car year-round, but make special preparation's for dealing with the hazards of summer, too.

Dogs trapped in hot cars

Do not leave dogs in cars – even for a few minutes – as temperatures inside vehicles can rise rapidly, which can make dogs very distressed.

Cars, conservatories and caravans are not suitable for dogs to be left in.

When the weather is warm and owners should always ensure that your pets have plenty of cool, fresh drinking water available to them.

There is a dog in a vehicle that appears hot and distressed. What should I do?

This does depend on the level of distress. It is not generally advisable to force entry to the vehicle yourself:

If the animal is starting to show distress but the situation is not life threatening, try to locate the owner to make them aware. If you are in a car park anywhere that may have a public address system, ask for an announcement to be put out.

In the meantime, please contact the police on 101, giving as much information as you can about the vehicle, registration number and location as officers can arrange to attend and try to make contact with the registered keeper of the vehicle to make them aware.

Please wait and make yourself known to the attending officer.

If the owner returns, please update the police by calling 101 and quoting the incident number you were provided..

If the matter is getting near life or death for the animal

Please call Nottinghamshire Police on 999 stressing the urgency.

If the police don't have time to get there, then you have to decide if you should take action. The law states that you have a lawful excuse to commit damage if:

“…At the time of the act or acts alleged to constitute the offence you believed that the person or persons whom you believe to be entitled to consent to the destruction of or damage to the property in question…would so consent to it if s/he…had known of the destruction or damage and its circumstances."

- Section 5(2)(a) Criminal Damage Act 1971. This legal reference is slightly modified for clarity.

Don't do this unless certain of your ground and are prepared to defend your actions in court.

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