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Immobilise helps Police reunite stolen items with their rightful owners in the event of them being recovered.

Don't lead thieves up your garden path!

Bicycle owners, gardeners, allotment holders and anyone who owns a garage or shed, is a potential victim to this type of crime.

Tips for keeping your garden shed secure from intruders:

  • Inspect the building itself. Is the roof in good shape, for example? Thieves have been known to lift off a flimsy roof to get at tools inside.
  • Make sure the shed door is in good condition – there’s no point strengthening hinges and fitting padlocks if it’s easy enough to kick in a rotting door panel.
  • Fit two padlocks on the door: one about a third of the way down from the top, the other a similar distance from the bottom of the door.
  • Choose closed-shackle padlocks to make the shed door more secure – they have very little of the metal hoop exposed, which makes them much less vulnerable to someone wielding a pair of bolt cutters.
  • Fit external lighting
  • If your shed has a window, make it harder for thieves to find out what’s inside by obscuring it – cover it on the inside with bubble wrap, horticultural fleece or even an old net curtain. Fit laminated glass in the window – it’s harder to break – or fit security mesh across the outside.
  • Fit a shed alarm.

Tips for keeping tools and equipment in your shed secure:

  • If someone does manage to get into the shed, make it hard for them to carry off equipment such as lawnmowers and chainsaws. Use heavy-duty chain and a padlock to link items together: a lawnmower, a heavy barbecue and a bundle of garden chairs chained together will be awkward to drag away.
  • Does your garden shed have a concrete base? You could install anchor bolts and use a chain and padlock to secure equipment stored in your shed.
  • Always put away tools, equipment and bikes – anything of any value – when you aren’t using them. Be aware that burglars may find some garden tools handy for breaking into the house.
  • Mark equipment with your postcode – use a UV pen, paint the details on or scratch them onto metal handles.
  • In summer it can be a pain to have to put garden furniture every night – check whether your insurance policy covers items left out in the garden.

To speak to your local police call 101 or dial 999 in an emergency.

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