The legend of Robin Hood has been told and re-told in books and on screen, the most recent Robin Hood movie starred Russell Crowe as the Nottinghamshire outlaw. The Robin Hood movie map (PDF File, 2,173kb) takes you on a trail of the key attractions associated with Robin Hood to help you get the true Robin Hood experience.

Once covering an area of about 7,800 acres, Sherwood Forest was one of the largest forests in the country. Around 450 acres of this ancient forest have been preserved and play host to the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre. Near the centre of the forest you can find the Major Oak, the largest tree in the forest. With its hollowed out trunk, legend has it that this tree was once a hideout for Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Robin and Marian small Edwinstowe Church

Another important site in the legend of Robin Hood. This is the church where Robin is said to have married his beloved Maid Marian. The sign outside the church reads: "This is the church where legend has it that Robin Hood and Maid Marian were married." A short walk into the village of Edwinstowe and you can find a statue of the couple.

Rufford Abbey

Rufford’s monastic ruins transport you back to the medieval days of Robin Hood. Learn about Robin's mixed views of the church, and about the monks who once sought the solitude of Robin's woods.

Southwell Minster

The magnificent architecture of Southwell Minster reveals fascinating aspects of Robin Hood with carvings of the Green Man peering out from the stones.

Newark Castle

At midnight on 19th October 1216, King John died in agony, allegedly in the south-west tower of Newark Castle, but more likely in the gatehouse. Legend has it that Robin Hood's friend, Friar Tuck, could have murdered the monarch.

Newark Castle landing box Other places to visit with Robin Hood connections

Blidworth: The birthplace of Maid Marian, and in the churchyard lies the tomb of Will Scarlett.

Robin Hood's Cave. One located at Creswell Crags and one in Walesby Forest.

King John's Palace, Clipstone: Where Robin once rescued Maid Marian.

Robin Hood churches trail

A number of churches throughout Newark and Sherwood district boast fascinating connections to the legend of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. The takes you on a tour of these interesting buildings.

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