Neighbourhood Plans Under Preparation

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Following the designation of a Neighbourhood Area the following Neighbourhood Plans are currently under preparation.

Bulcote Neighbourhood Plan

The Statutory Consultation period for the Regulation 14 Bulcote Neighbourhood Plan closed on Friday 31st May 2019. The Parish are now working towards submission of a Draft Neighbourhood Plan to the District Council.

More information on the Neighbourhood Plan can be found here 

Bulcote Neighbourhood Area Designation Decision (PDF File, 1,689kb)

Clipstone Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish of Clipstone was designated as a Neighbourhood Area on 9th October 2017. The Parish are now able to proceed with developing a Neighbourhood Plan.

 Clipstone Neighbourhood Area Designation Decision (PDF File, 1,790kb)

Epperstone Neighbourhood Plan

Following the re-consultation which ended on Thursday 8th August 2019, the independent inspector has now restarted the examination.

Email from the Inspector 09.08.19 (PDF File, 46kb)

Epperstone Parish Council website

Regulation 16 Consultation - May 2019

Regulation 16 Notification (PDF File, 75kb)

Basic Conditions Statement (PDF File, 878kb)

Epperstone Neighbourhood Plan Reg 16 Representation Form [52kb]

Epperstone Neighbourhood Plan - Draft Consultation Version (April 2019) (PDF File, 3,487kb)

Epperstone Neighbourhood Plan - Draft - Consultation Statement (PDF File, 586kb)

Appendix A - Key Outcomes of Drop-in Event July 15 (PDF File, 161kb)

Appendix B - Key Outcomes of Drop-in Event July 16 (PDF File, 146kb)

Appendix C - NSDC Comments initial draft (Feb 2017) (PDF File, 154kb)

Appendix D - Key Outcomes of Drop-in Event July 17 (PDF File, 133kb)

Appendix E - Pre sub Statutory and other consultees list (PDF File, 4,280kb)

Appendix F - Pre Sub Consultation Analysis (PDF File, 141kb)

Appendix G - Pre Sub Consultation Analysis NSDC Comments (PDF File, 193kb)

Appendix H - Pre Sub Consultation EPC Web Notice (PDF File, 261kb)

Appendix I - Pre Sub Consultation NSDC Web Notice (PDF File, 90kb)

Appendix J - Pre Sub Consultation all households and businesses letter (PDF File, 120kb)

Appendix K - Pre Sub Consultation Statutory Consultee letter (PDF File, 252kb)

Appendix L - Pre Sub Consultation List (PDF File, 92kb)

Appendix M - Pre Sub Consultation Analysis (PDF File, 145kb)

SEA HRA Screening Statement (PDF File, 595kb)

Epperstone SEA HRA Screening Statement Addendum (PDF File, 201kb)

Supporting Evidence

Census 2011 Profile (PDF File, 235kb)

Character Buildings Profile (PDF File, 4,380kb)

Distinctive Views and Vistas (March 19) (PDF File, 3,545kb)

Housing Need and Characteristics (PDF File, 936kb)

Local Green Spaces (PDF File, 2,263kb)

Regulation 16 Consultation - Responses

Anglian Water (PDF File, 99kb)

Coal Authority (PDF File, 226kb)

Gladman Developments Ltd (PDF File, 224kb)

Highways England (PDF File, 146kb)

Hinchley Agriculture (PDF File, 157kb)

Ian Rothera (PDF File, 45kb)

Jim Carter (PDF File, 22kb)

National Grid (PDF File, 192kb)

Natural England (PDF File, 382kb)

Natural England - Addendum (PDF File, 99kb)

R H Wakefield (PDF File, 572kb)

R H Wakefield - 2nd Response (PDF File, 207kb)

Trent Property (PDF File, 376kb)

Anglian Water - Re-consultation response (PDF File, 83kb)

Historic England - Re-consultation response (PDF File, 44kb)

Natural England - Re-consultation response (PDF File, 360kb)

Nottinghamshire County Council - Re-consultation response (PDF File, 43kb)

NSDC Planning Policy - Re-consultation response (PDF File, 202kb)

Fiskerton-cum-Morton Neighbourhood Plan

Fiskerton-cum-Morton Parish Council has submitted a Neighbourhood Plan proposal under Regulation 15 (1) of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. The Plan identifies key issues relating to development for the community, sets out a vision and objectives for development in Fiskerton and Morton within the period 2018-2033 and contains a range of policies to be used in the assessment of development proposals. If made, it will become part of the development plan for land use and development proposals within the Parish until 2033. Consultation on this stage of the Plan is known Regulation 16 Consultation. Comments on the Plan must be received no later than 5pm on Monday 15th July 2019.

Fiskerton-cum-Morton Submission Neighbourhood Plan (PDF File, 8,461kb)

Basic Conditions Statement (PDF File, 4,888kb)
Consultation Statement (Part 1) (PDF File, 460kb)
Consultation Statement (Part 2) (PDF File, 2,611kb)
Consultation Statement - Appendix 1 (PDF File, 7,020kb)
Consultation Statement - Appendix 2 (PDF File, 3,646kb)
Consultation Statement - Appendix 3 (PDF File, 1,664kb)

Neighbourhood Character Profile
Greenspace Assessment (PDF File, 20,643kb)
Views & Vistas Overview (PDF File, 4,076kb)‌

SEA Screening Report (PDF File, 449kb)

Representation Form [53kb]

Kneesall, Kersall and Ompton Neighbourhood Plan

Under delegated authority from the Economic Development Committee the parish of Kneesall, Kersall and Ompton has been designated as a Neighbourhood Area for the purposes of Neighbourhood Planning on 25 March 2015. The community are now able to progress with the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.


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