Stages in the Production of the Core Strategy

The stages which preceded the Core Strategy DPDs adoption are detailed below.

Core Strategy Examination (June 2010- February 2011)

The Core Strategy underwent public examination between June 2010 and February 2011 to assess whether the document complied with legislation and whether it was a 'sound' plan, under the terms of planning guidance. The Submission Core Strategy was supplemented with a number of minor proposed and further proposed changes which were considered by the independent Planning Inspector and Representors involved in the documents examination. Following this the Inspectors Binding Report was issued in February 2011.

Statement of Representations (PDF File, 458kb)

Statement of Consultation (PDF File, 2,097kb)

Submission Core Strategy (formed by the Publication Core Strategy (PDF File, 9,013kb) and the list of Minor Changes and Points of Clarification (PDF File, 4,854kb))

Proposed Changes (PDF File, 3,617kb)

Further Proposed Changes (PDF File, 1,605kb)

Inspectors Report (PDF File, 248kb)

Inspectors Report Appendix A (PDF File, 4,854kb)

Inspectors Report Appendix B (PDF File, 161kb)

Publication Core Strategy (April 2010)

The Publication stage refined the options and preferred options put forward at earlier stages into firm policy approaches. The Publication Core Strategy represents the Core Strategy in the format that the Council proposed to submit to the Secretary of State and to ultimately adopt.

Publication Core Strategy (PDF File, 9,013kb)

Options Report (October 2009)

The Options Report stage built on on work which was carried out at earlier stages in the production of the Core Strategy and was the stage that preceded the Publication.

Core Strategy Options Report (PDF File, 7,779kb)

Key Decisions for our Core Strategy (October 2008)

The Key Decisions for our Core Strategy paper set out the main issues that needed to be addressed following adoption of the East Midlands Regional Plan. These issues included the consideration of the Districts strategic housing allocation and designation of the New Growth Point.

Key Decisions for our Core Strategy (PDF File, 2,712kb)

Preferred Options Report (October 2006)

The Preferred Options stage followed on from the Core Strategy Issues and Options stage and the document identified preferred options to tackle a range of strategic planning issues facing the District.

Core Strategy Preferred Options (PDF File, 1,530kb)

Issues and Options Paper (October 2005)

The initial work on the Core Strategy centred around the Issues & Options Paper.

Core Strategy Issues & Options (PDF File, 1,443kb)

Issues & Options Consultation Responses Document (PDF File, 649kb)

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