Brownfield Land Register

Regulation 18(2) of the Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017 requires local authorities to prepare, maintain and publish registers of previously developed land within their area that they consider appropriate for residential development.  The Register and location data was published on 20th December 2017 and will be reviewed at least once a year.

For further information please contact  Planning Policy on 01636 655855 or email

Brownfield Land Register 2018 XLSX [19kb]

Brownfield Land Register 2018 CSV [20kb]

BF0001 (PDF File, 623kb)
BF0002 (PDF File, 145kb)
BF0003 (PDF File, 277kb)
BF0004 (PDF File, 133kb)
BF0005 (PDF File, 130kb)
BF0006 (PDF File, 208kb)
BF0007 (PDF File, 442kb)
BF0008 (PDF File, 453kb)
BF0009 (PDF File, 366kb)
BF0010 (PDF File, 371kb)
BF0011 (PDF File, 195kb)
BF0012 (PDF File, 173kb)
BF0014 (PDF File, 169kb)
BF0016 (PDF File, 187kb)
BF0017 (PDF File, 144kb)
BF0018 (PDF File, 130kb)
BF0019 (PDF File, 136kb)
BF0020 (PDF File, 347kb)
BF0021 (PDF File, 163kb)
BF0022 (PDF File, 272kb)
BF0023 (PDF File, 281kb)
BF0024 (PDF File, 250kb)
BF0025 (PDF File, 591kb)
BF0027 (PDF File, 155kb)
BF0028 (PDF File, 209kb)
BF0029 (PDF File, 137kb)
BF0030 (PDF File, 200kb)
BF0032 (PDF File, 165kb)
BF0033 (PDF File, 297kb)
BF0034 (PDF File, 320kb)
BF0035 (PDF File, 304kb)
BF0036 (PDF File, 281kb)
BF0037 (PDF File, 253kb)
BF0038 (PDF File, 257kb)

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