Allocations & Development Management DPD Examination

Inspectors Report Published (17th May 2013)

Following the Examination of the Allocations & Development Management DPD the Inspectors Report has now been published. This report contains the independent Inspectors assessment of the DPD in terms of Section 20(5) of the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended). It considers first whether the Plan’s preparation has complied with the duty to co-operate, whether the Plan is sound and whether it is compliant with the legal requirements. The National Planning Policy Framework (paragraph 182) makes clear that to be sound, a Local Plan should be positively prepared; justified; effective and consistent with national policy.

The report concludes that the DPD provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the District over the next 15 years providing a number of modifications are made to the Plan. All of the modifications to address this were proposed by the Council, and the Inspector has recommended their inclusion after full consideration of the Representations from other parties on these issues.

The DPD and the Inspectors recommendations will now be put before Council for Adoption in due course. If you have previously requested to be updated on the DPDs progress then you will contacted accordingly.

Following this any person aggrieved by the DPD may make an application to the High Court under Section 113 of the Planning and Compulsory Act (2004) Any challenge must be made on the grounds that either the document has not been prepared within the powers conferred by Part 2 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 or that a procedural requirement of the Act or associated Regulations has not been complied with. Any such application should be made promptly and in any event no later than 6 weeks after the date of Adoption.

The Inspectors Report is available to view below.

A&DM DPD Inspectors Report (PDF File, 294kb)

A&DM DPD Inspectors Report Appendix - Main Modifications (PDF File, 822kb)

A&DM DPD Inspectors Report Appendix - Main Modifications Figures (PDF File, 5,185kb)

Revocation of the Regional Strategy

25 March 2013

Please see the attached letter regarding the revocation of the Regional Strategy.

Revocation of the Regional Strategy (PDF File, 83kb)

Responses to the 'Revocation of the Regional Strategy' 

Consultation on Additional Modifications - Retail

27 February 2013

As a result of the granting of a planning permission for a retail scheme on Northgate, Newark on 8th February 2013, the District Council is proposing to amend the DPD.  A consultation on this will take place from 27th February to 10th April 2013.  Please see the documents below.

Northgate Retail Advertisement (PDF File, 247kb)

Northgate Retail Final Modifications Document (PDF File, 1,869kb)

Northgate - Responses To Inspector Questions (PDF File, 234kb)  

Amended Mixed Use Viability Appraisal for NUA/MU/3 - March 2013 (PDF File, 867kb)

Additional Modifications - Retail Responses

Council Response To R71 AMR (PDF File, 191kb)

Inspector's letter about the recent appeal decision approving retail development at land off North Gate 

13 February 2013

Appeal Decision Letter 13 February 2013 (PDF File, 83kb)

Appeal Decision - Land off North Gate (PDF File, 208kb)

Council Observations On Appeal Decision (PDF File, 316kb)  

Final Proposed Modifications Responses

19 February 2013

The consultation period for the 'final proposed modifications' has now closed.

Please see the responses received by clicking on the link below:

Final Proposed Modifications responses

20 February 2013

The Council have responded via e-mail regarding the main modifications

Council E-Mail - Main Modifications (PDF File, 146kb)

Final Modifications Consultation

As part of the Examination of the DPD a number of modifications to the Submission DPD have been identified. These range from spelling and grammatical changes, classed as minor modifications, to changes to the content of allocations and wording of policies which are classed as main modifications.

The proposed modifications have been subject to review in terms of the implications for the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Assessment under the Habitats Regulations (HRA). This review has identified that the modifications do not present any additional issues which warrant further assessment. The outcome of this review is available through the link below.

Final Modifications SA & HRA Review (PDF File, 724kb)

These minor and main modifications and the accompanying SA review are now subject to a period of consultation which commenced on the 14th January 2013. This consultation however only concerns the proposed modifications to the DPD and there is no need to resubmit Representations made on the Submission DPD, as these have already been considered as part of the Examination.

Details of the minor and main modifications can be viewed through the document below. However please note that an addendum, errata and subsequent Consultation Note have been produced to address a number of errors and omissions within the Final Modifications Consultation Document, the Addendum, Errata and Consultation Note should be read alongside the Final Modifications document.

The consultation period has been extended by a week to allow Representors to take account of the Addendum and Erratum and so now concludes on Monday 18th February 2013 at 5:15pm.

The results of the consultation will be sent to the Inspector for consideration following the close of the consultation.

Final Modifications Consultation Document (PDF File, 4,276kb)

Final Proposed Modifications Addendum (PDF File, 225kb)

Final Proposed Modifications Errata (PDF File, 301kb)

Final Proposed Modification Consultation Note 7th February 2013 (PDF File, 277kb)

Copies of the documents can also be viewed, during normal opening times, at the District Council Offices at Castle House and local libraries around the District.

Should you wish to make a Representation on the proposed modifications or the SA Review then this can be done via email to or by writing to the address below. When making your Representation please ensure that the Modification Reference to which it refers is clearly stated.

Planning Policy Business Unit
Newark & Sherwood District Council
Castle House
Great North Road
NG24 1BY

If you have any questions about this consultation please contact Planning Policy by telephone on (01636) 655852, 655859, 655850 or 655862 or by email (address above).

Amended Timetable

13 December 2012

Please note that the timetable has been amended to include a discussion on 'Phasing'.  The start time of the session on Tuesday 18 December 2012 has now been amended to 9.30am.

amended examination timetable (PDF File, 79kb)

Statement of Common Ground

7 December 2012

A Statement of Common Ground has been prepared between the District Council, English Heritage and the National Trust relating to Southwell.  The document can be viewed below:

Statement Of Common Ground (PDF File, 382kb)

E-Mail Received From Alan Hubbard, National Trust (PDF File, 132kb)

Amended Housing Position Statement

20 December 2012

Please note that the Council has updated its Housing Position Statement to reflect the discussions at the Examination Hearings regarding housing supply.

NSDC 23 - Amended Housing Position Statement (PDF File, 1,497kb)

Further proposed amendment to the plan

10 December 2012

Lowdham Update

Following the withdrawal of the planning application for site Lo/Ho/3 for four dwellings, further guidance has been sought from the highways authority.

Information received at Options Report indicated that a private drive of sufficient width was available to serve a small development of three dwellings, was available within their client’s ownership.  As detailed in para 23.5 of NSDC/Matter 5-Nottingham Fringe Area the site was then allocated within the plan.

The highways officer has undertaken measurements on site and confirms that the width available varies from 3.8 to 4.1 metres over its 60 metre length.  This is insufficient to allow two way vehicular movement and the objection first established as part of the planning application is therefore maintained by the Highways officer.  This site is therefore no longer considered to be deliverable and the Council suggest a further proposed modification accordingly:

“Remove all reference to site Lo/Ho/3 from the Allocations & DM DPD.  The village envelope will return to its original delineation as depicted on amended Map (8) Lowdham and the site will remain within the Green Belt.”

NSDC 11 - Amended Proposals Map 8 (PDF File, 2,030kb)

Revised Draft Matters And Issues

15 November 2012

The Inspector has amended the matters and issues document to include two new matters.  Matter 7 - Strategic Policies and Matter 8 - Gypsies and travellers.

Revised Matters for the Examination (PDF File, 84kb)

Statements of Matters and Issues Responses from the Council

30 November 2012

Please see the Council's responses to the matters and issues below:

NSDC Letter to Programme Officer 29 November 2012 (PDF File, 260kb)

Schedule of Further Proposed Modifications - Errors Identified (PDF File, 2,871kb)

Further Evidence Base Documents:

Responses to the Inspector's 'Matters and Issues' document

30 November 2012

Further Representations Matters List (PDF File, 41kb)

Matter 1 - Compliance and Procedural and Matter 2 - General Issues

Matter 3 - Housing and Matter 4 - Retail/Employment/Mixed Use

Matter 5 - Newark Area and Matter 5 - Southwell Area

Matter 5 - Nottingham Fringe Area, Sherwood Area and Mansfield Fringe Area

Matter 6 - Development Management Polices, Matter 7 - Strategic Polices and Matter 8 - No further representations

Matters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Newark and 5 - Southwell Received From Antony Aspbury Associates, which were not included in the above matters

Matters 3 and 5 - Newark Area submitted by Representor 191 Mr Jon Millhouse On Behalf Of Wildgoose Construction  

Matter 5 - Southwell - Statements that are to be made by representatives of the Southwell Civic Society

Matter 5 - Southwell - Appendix (interim archaeological report) to the Camplan representations submitted in relation to Site So/MU/1.

Draft Examination Timetable and Participants List

19 November 2012

The Inspector has made available the draft examination timetable and the participants list.

Covering Letter from Programme Officer 19 November 2012 (PDF File, 55kb)

Draft Timetable (PDF File, 81kb)

Draft Participants List (PDF File, 129kb)

Council's Response to the Inspectors Initial Questions

7 November 2012

The response to the Inspectors initial questions can be found below:

NSDC 1 - Initial Questions Letter To Programme Officer (PDF File, 250kb)

NSDC 2 - Table of Responses to the Inspectors Initial Questions (PDF File, 250kb)

NSDC 3 - Specific Response to Inspectors Questions 11 to 17 (PDF File, 254kb)

NSDC 4 - Representation to Gedling BC - CS Question 2.2 (PDF File, 129kb)

NSDC 5 - Schedule in relation to representations on the NSDC Website Q. 4.1 (PDF File, 251kb)

NSDC 6 - Schedule of site references Question 4.2 (PDF File, 267kb)

NSDC 7 - Amended Housing Trajectory Question 7 (PDF File, 185kb)

NSDC 8 - Housing Requirements Question 8 (PDF File, 188kb)

NSDC 9 - Plans of rejected sites subject to Representations Question 10 (PDF File, 226kb)  

The attached maps are to accompany response NSDC 9:

Inspector’s supplementary questions to the Council

2 November 2012

After further consideration of the matters and issues the Inspector has the following supplementary questions for the Council.

Supplementary Questions for the Council (PDF File, 71kb)

Modifications to the Allocations & Development Management DPD

30 October 2012

The Allocations and Development Management DPD has been modified to incorporate the changes identified in the original document.

Modifications to the Allocations & Development Management DPD (PDF File, 17,899kb)

ADM1 Map 4 Collingham Amended (PDF File, 1,885kb)

Responses for the Strategic Policies for the Purposes of Neighbourhood Planning

30 October 2012

The Council set out its methodology and identified the policies of the DPD it considered were strategic for the purposes of neighbourhood planning within the Consultation document of September 2012. This was placed on deposit for consultation between 19th September and 15th October 2012.

A total of 14 responses were received and these are set out together with officer responses below:

Strategic Policies Consultation Responses Report (PDF File, 348kb)

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