Enforcement notices

Site address Alleged breach Enforcement
8th April 2019

The Bungalow
7 Crab Lane
North Muskham
NG23 6HH

Unauthorised loft conversions with insertion of french doors  19/00107/ENF Enforcement Notice
20th Mar 2019

29 California Road
NG24 3SB

Erection of a balcony 18/00346/ENF Enforcement Notice
20th Mar 2019

18 Sherwood Ave
NG21 9NE

Erection of an extension 18/00271/ENF Enforcement Notice
19th Mar 2019

68 Wolsey Road
NG24 2BN

Change of use of the first floor from residential accommodation to a children's nursery 19/00071/ENF Enforcement Notice
11th Mar 2019

Land adjacent to Seven Oaks Allesford Lane

Without planning permission, development consisting of the material change of use of land from agriculture to the use for th eparking and storage of vechicles and the associated laying of hardcore on the land 19/00095/ENF Enforcement Notice
30th Jan 2019

8 Home Farm Close
NG23 5QB

Use of residential property for Sui Generis commercial leisure accommodation 18/00401/ENF Enforcement Notice
30th Jan 2019

1 Home Farm Close
NG23 5QB

Use of residential property for Sui Generis commercial leisure accommodation 18/00400/ENF Enforcement Notice
15th Jan 2019

Land at Gorsethorpe La
Kings Clipstone

 Siting of a Mobile Home   18/00291/ENF Enforcement Notice
15th Jan 2019

Belle Vue House
Belle Vue Lane

Erection of gate and fence along frontage of site 18/00190/ENF Enforcement Notice
11 Dec 2018

45 Kirk Gate, Newark
NG24 1AD and 1 Wilson Street
NG24 1EN

Without Listed Building Consent:
The display of a fascia sign;
The display of window vinyl’s/graphics;
The installation of metal step casings; and
Amendments to the top-left window pane to accommodate an extraction flue

18/00296/ENF Listed Building Notice
28 Nov 2018

Boat Lane Caravan Site Boat Lane Bleasby
NG14 7FT

Without planning permission, ‘development’ consisting of the use of land for the stationing and occupation for holiday purposes of caravans on field numbers 2819 and 2414 between 31st October and 1st April (excluding the 3 static caravans permitted to be stationed all year round on field OS2819) 16/00108/ENF 
Enforcement Notice
21 Nov 2018

Land Adjacent to the north of the Limes Café
Old Rufford Rd
NG22 8TH

Without planning permission, ‘development’ consisting of the material change of use of the ‘land’ to use as a ‘Haulage Yard’ including the following activities:

The storage and parking of trailers on a short and long term basis;
Overnight stays by drivers and passengers;
The loading and unloading and exchange of loads, storage of loads;
Vehicle washing and maintenance;
Parking and storage of road maintenance vehicles, plant and machinery; and
Other associated transport services

18/00042/ENF Enforcement Notice
13 Nov 2018

48 Mickledale Lane
NG22 8RB

Without planning permission, the erection of a garage within the rear garden of the property 18/00240/ENF Enforcement Notice
15 Oct 2018 Tresco
5 Main Street
North Muskham
NG23 6EZ
 Alleged construction of fence 17/00154/ENF Enforcement Notice
5 Oct 2018

Unit 3
2 Church Street
NG21 9QA

Development of land between shop and neighbouring hotel 17/00070/ENF Enforcement Notice
27 Sept 2018

Land on the south east side of Fosse Road

Unauthorised expansion of industrial storage site


Enforcement Notice


26 Sept 2018

Land at 43A Great North Road
Sutton on Trent
NG23 6PL

Unauthorised erection of tractor workshop and change of use of agricultural land to residential use

Enforcement Notice

24 Sept 2018

Land Lying to the South of Pinfold Lane

Unauthorised change of use of land from agricultural to residential 18/00226/ENF
Enforcement Notice
3 Aug 2018

Land at Goosemoor Hall Farm
Great North Rd Weston

Depositing of material and increase in land levels 18/00279/ENF
Enforcement Notice
9 Aug 2018

Car Park
to the north of 83-85
Appleton Gate

Without planning permission, the change of use of the car park associated with 83-85 Appleton Gate to operate independently as a pay and display car park. 18/00102/ENF
Enforcement Notice
3 Aug 2018

19 Bridge Street
NG24 1EE

 Unauthorised fascia signage 18/00199/ENF Listed Building Notice
3 Aug 2018

Apartment 5 Wesley House
Guildhall Street
Newark On Trent

The erection of a means of enclosure, enclosing the courtyard area 18/00107/ENF Listed Building Notice
12 July 2018

Lurcher Farm Cottage Mansfield Road Farnsfield 
NG22 8HY

Without planning permission, the material change of use of land from caravan and camping site (certified by an exempt organisation) to caravan site (certified by an exempt organisation) and use for the storage of caravans 17/00337/ENF Enforcement Notice
21 May 2018

24 Post Office Row Main Street Coddington
NG24 2PN

Without planning permission, the erection of a side extension to the dwellinghouse to form a conservatory 17/00437/ENF Enforcement Notice
17 May 2018

Land at 293 Bowbridge Rd Newark

Without planning permission making the material change of use of land from industrial use to a use for the importation and storage of waste 18/00180/ENF Enforcement Notice
3 May 2018

Marriorr Lane

Siting of a static caravan 17/00294/ENF Enforcement Notice
27 April 2018

Flat 1 And 2
69 Main Street
NG24 3NN

Alleged 6 foot high fence erected adjacent highway 17/00386/ENF Enforcement Notice
26 April 2018

3 Freeth Terrace
North Clifton
NG23 7AX

Garage not being built in accordance with plans 17/00335/ENF Enforcement Notice
18 April 2018

Barfield House
Greaves Lane
NG22 8BH

Without planning permission, the erection on land that does not form part of the established residential curtilage, kennels (and associated enabling works) used to house domestic dogs for a purposes incidental to the enjoyment of the dwellinghouse and the material change of use of land to residential use.

Enforcement Notice

4 April 2018

The Scarecrow Patch
Eagle Road
NG23 7HA

Structures and a pond are under construction 18/00084/ENF Enforcement Notice
15 March 2018

Field Reference Number 5380
Ricket Lane

Use of site for storage 17/00362/ENF Enforcement Notice
15 March 2018

Bargin Booze
Unit 3
2 Church Street
NG21 9QA

Development of land between shop and neighbouring hotel 17/00070/ENF
Enforcement Notice
15 March 2018

Burgess House
Main Street
NG22 8EF

Gate piers not in accordance with approved plans - 17/00018/LBC 17/00427/ENF Listed Building Notice
28 Feb 2018

European Supermarket
5-7 Bar Gate
Newark On Trent
NG24 1ES

Unauthorised illuminated shopfront 17/00143/ENF Enforcement Notice
15 Feb 2018

Land At
Winthorpe Road

Alleged unauthorised development 18/00036/ENF Enforcement Notice
8 Feb 2018

11 Newark Road
NG22 9PZ

Erection of a large summer house 17/00253/ENF Enforcement Notice
23 Jan 2018

Wellow Lodge
Rufford Lane
NG22 9DJ

Unauthorised boundary abounding a listed building for which planning permission is required 17/00365/ENF Enforcement Notice
10 Jan 2018

Forge House
NG25 0LD

Extensions 16/00222/ENF Enforcement Notice
12 Dec 2017 The Old Library
High Street

Without planning permission, development consisting of alteration to existing windows on the east facing front elevation consisting of the insertion of 2 no Aluminium double doors and the removal of existing central entrance door and sidelights and replacement with a new wider accessible entrance door with glazed sidelights installed 17/00326/ENF Enforcement Notice
8 Dec 2017 Blu Burger UK Ltd
14 Castle Gate
NG24 1BG
New signage 17/00370/ENF Enforcement Notice
8 Dec 2017 Trent Farmhouse
Norwell Woodhouse
NG23 6NG
Alleged extending of garden without change of use permission 17/00400/ENF Enforcement Notice
28 Nov 2017 2 Adams Row
NG25 0FF
Breach of planning control consisting of failing to comply with a condition subject to which planning permission has been granted  that being condition 4 of planning consent reference 16/00024/FUL as issued by the Local Planning Authority 17/00406/ENF Enforcement Notice
23 Nov 2017 131 High Street
NG23 7NH
Addition to the barn conversion

17/00133/ENF Enforcement Notice

22 Nov 2017 Tresco
5 Main St
North Muskham
NG23 6EZ
Alledged construction of fence and summerhouse

17/00406/ENF Enforcement Notice

22 Sept 2017 Wesley House
Guildhamm Street
Alleged unauthorised removal of external wall within car park area 16/00193/ENF Enforcement Notice and Listed Builidng Notice
24 Aug 2017 Thorpe Farm
Moorhouse Road
NG23 6LT
Operation of a plant hire business 17/00059/ENF Enforcement Notice
21 July 2017 The Old Rectory
Church Street
NG25 0HG
 Removal of gate post 17/00169/ENF Enforcement Notice and Listed Builidng Notice
5 July 2017 19 Grange Road
NG24 4LH
Running a waste business from home including storage and use of skips

17/00041/ENF Enforcement Notice

31 March 2017 1 Robin Hood Avenue
NG21 9LG
Extension not built in accordance with plans

17/00003/ENF Enforcement Notice

21 March 2017 Barfield House
Greaves Lane
NG22 8BH
Laying foundations and erection of dog kennel in field and enclosure of land

Enforcement Notice

8 March 2017 Thurgarton Priory
Priory Road

16/00116/ENF Enforcement Notice

20 Sept 2016 Mandarin Restaurant
2 London Road
Newark On Trent
NG24 1TW
Breach of planning - New shop front/facade being installed

16/00093/ENF Enforcement Notice

20 Sept 2016 Robin Hood View Caravan Park
Middle Plantation Farm
Belle Eau Park
NG22 8TY
Possible breach of planning

16/00180/ENF Enforcement Notice

16 Sept 2016 Land Off Mill Lane
Septic tank/drainage installed, motor bike scrambling

16/00076/ENF Enforcement Notice

29 July 2016 Mesopotamia
May Lodge Drive
NG22 9DE
Alteration of fence to exceed more than 2 metres in height

16/00010/ENF Enforcement Notice

6 July 2016

10 The Woodlands
Hutchinson Road
NG24 2GR

Felled trees and replaced with 6 ft fence - no planning permission

15/00372/ENF Enforcement Notice

26 May 2016

Field Reference Number 0145
Eagle Road

Car storage

15/00302/ENF Enforcement Notice

28 April 2016

Hulleys Close
Church Lane
NG14 6RD

Development commenced - Planning Permission refused 16/00184/FUL

16/00114/ENF Enforcement Notice

18 March 2016

The Old Farm Spa
High Street
NG23 7EB

Breach of planning

15/00277/ENF Enforcement Notice

11 March 2016

Field House
High Street
Newark On Trent
NG23 7RZ

Erection of large scale structure and play area on agricultural land

15/00138/ENF Enforcement Notice

12 Jan 2016

Bon Marche
46 Market Place
Newark On Trent
NG24 1EG

Unauthorised display of signage - Listed Building Consent Refused

16/00004/ENF Listed Building Notice

26 Nov 2015

Lord Nelson Inn Public House
Gainsborough Road
NG24 2NN

Inappropriate mock sashes installed on the frontage - no Listed Builidng Consent. Possible unauthorised roof lights

14/00214/ENF Listed Building Notice

10 Nov 2015

29 Wilson St
NG24 1 EN 

Unauthorised signage

14/004004/ENF Listed Building Notice

30 Oct 2015

Hill Farm
Main Street
NG23 6JN

Property within Conservation Area being altered - appears to be no planning application recorded

15/00109/ENF Enforcement Notice

20 Oct 2015

49 Castle Gate
Newark On Trent
NG24 1BE

Extra Large Sign on Exterior Wall blocking view and covering/hiding all other signage hanging past

14/00033/ENF Listed Building Notice

8 July 2015

7 Victoria Street
Newark On Trent
NG24 4UU

UPVC window installed

14/00156/ENF Enforcement Notice

1 May 2015

Wharf Farm
Fosse Road
East Stoke

Siting of a mobile home 13/00302/ENF Enforcement Notice
6 Mar 2015

Former South Sherrards Nurseries
Old Epperstone Road

Unauthorised extension to farriers shed, residential occupation of tack room, commercial use of stables contrary to condition 05 of permission 05/00665/FUL and operation of business from farriers shed. 14/00114/ENF Enforcement Notice
20 Nov 2014  The Pit Stop Trade Centre
Mansfield Road
NG21 9AB
 Erection of 20 - 30 ft steel arch 14/00345/ENF Enforcement Notice
6 Nov 2014

Cycle Track To The Rear Of
21 Philip Close

Garden/fence encroachment onto cycleway to rear of 21 Philip Close plus large rear extension 13/00298/ENF Enforcement Notice
6 Nov 2014

Blackberry Barn
Enfield Court
NG23 7EP

Enfield Farm Station Road Harby - Erection of high fence on back edge of footpath to Station Road elevation and failure to include tactile paving at crossover 14/00186/ENF Enforcement Notice
8 Aug 2014

7 St Edwins Drive
NG21 9LX

New rear 2 storey extension erected under Permitted Development 14/00073/ENF Enforcement Notice
29 Nov 2013

Old Hall Farm
Greaves Lane
NG22 8BJ

Static Caravan moved into the barn and being used for residential purposes 12/00398/ENF Enforcement Notice
3 Oct 2013

Agricultural Field To The South Of Keepers Cottage
Chapel Lane

Changes to land levels and construction of new access road 13/00246/ENF Enforcement Notice
23 Aug 2013

Instant Storage
NG14 7FB

Hardcore of the land adjacent to the Depot 13/00236/ENF Enforcement Notice
1 Feb 2013

Land Rear Of Fox Hollow
Quaker Lane

 Tree Replacement Notice 12/00502/ENF Enforcement Notice
14 Nov 2012

Land Off
West Brook Lane
Newark On Trent
NG23 7RE

Change of use of land (Mixed use of agicultural land for agricultural and residential purposes) 12/00369/ENF Enforcement Notice
17 Oct 2012

Land Adjacent Hirrams Paddock Caravan Site
Green Park
Tolney Lane
Newark On Trent

 Change of Use of land to a Gypsy and Traveller Site 12/00148/ENF Enforcement Notice
3 Sept 2012

Land Off
Moor Lane
South Clifton

Change of Use and Building 12/00400/ENF Enforcement Notice
16 April 2012

Land At Homestead
Kirton Road
NG22 0HF

Change of use of land (mixed use of agricultural and siting of a residential mobile home) 10/00698/ENF Enforcement Notice
30 Jan 2012

Lowfield Farm
111 Gainsborough Road
NG23 7RN

Use of land for commercial plant machinery hire 11/00018/ENF Enforcement Notice

Last updated June 2019

Enforcement Notices

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