Charges for planning information

Planning Decision Notices:

You can pay online using our payment service. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Copy of Decision Notice post 2003 - £10.00 (you can also access unsigned copies of these on our planning application website)
  • Copy of Decision Notice prior 2003 - £25.00

A manual search is required to retrieve archived decision notices prior to 2003. Therefore an additional administration fee is charged in order to cover costs.

Enforcement Notices*: No charge (see note below) - Details are available on our online register of Enforcement Notices.  If you require a copy of the notice, please contact our Customer Services team quoting the relevant reference and we will email you a copy of the notice.

Tree Preservation Orders*: No charge (see note below) - Please contact our Customer Services quoting the relevant TPO reference and we will email you a copy of the order and plan.

Section 106 agreements*: No charge (see note below) - These are available on our planning application website (search by using relevant Planning Application reference).

*Note: If you require a printed copy of a document, charges will apply - please refer to our section 'A4 and A3 copying' below for further details.

Planning Appeals and other casework Appeals for England and Wales are dealt with by the planning inspectorate.  The online appeals service and all guidance relating to appeals is available on their website.

Photocopying and copies from microfiche:

Photocopying and copies from microfiche:
We may make charges for disbursements such as photocopying (e.g.: copies of neighbour comments relating to a planning application) and copies from microfiche, therefore please see below for a full breakdown of our costs.

A4 and A3 copying:
A charge of 10p per copy for black and white (20p colour), with a minimum charge of £5.00 for any request is payable; any additional copying regarding a request will be charged at 10p (20p for colour) per A4 sheet (per side).  For example, the minimum charge will provide the requestor with between 1-50 copies of A4 black and white (25 copies in colour), 51 copies will cost £5.10 (£10.20p in colour). 
The same principle is applied for A3 copying.  A charge of 20p per copy for black and white (40p colour) with a minimum charge of £5.00 is payable. 

Large size documents: Providing copies of plans larger than A3 in size, the following charges will apply, with a minimum charge of £5.00 payable.  The same principle is applied as to charging for A3 and A4

A2:         £1.00 per copy (black and white)
A1:         £2.00 per copy (black and white)
A0:         £4.00 per copy (black and white)

You will be informed of the total cost of copying before an officer undertakes such work and payment must be received before the information can be provided.  We do not provide facilities for printing large size documents (A2, A1 and A0) in colour or from microfiche, however the service will inform the requestor of organisations who can assist in printing.

Additional calculations as to whether a fee applies:

If a large number of documents are requested or locating and/or extracting the information are likely to take over one hour, the Council will only provide the information by post.  The information will be sent by post within 20 working days of a request.  Post and packaging will be charged at cost.

The requestor will be informed of a charge before an officer undertakes any of the above and payment must be received before the information can be provided to them. 

Furthermore, various publications produced by the service may also incur costs above those mentioned above.  Details are provided below.

We will also work with you to look at other ways of providing the information so that the request falls below the appropriate limit (and can therefore be provided free of charge) and where possible, in the case of publications, many are published on our website for you to download.  This approach means that we can be transparent and consistent as possible in the way we handle requests for information and subsequent copying and how and when we charge.

Additional charges

  • Core Strategy document - £15.00 plus postage and packaging
  • LDF Policies Map - £
  • Allocations and Development Management DPD - £

The LDF is available online

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