Oil Theft

Some tips on keeping your oil tank secure:

  • Location - keeping you tank near to the house and overlooked by a window will make potential thieves feel they are being watched.
  • Camouflage - tall plants and trellis's can be used to disguise your oil tank
  • Padlocks - Close shackle padlocks are most effective as they offer the most resistance to bolt croppers
  • Control switches - turn off any switches that control the flow of oil
  • Oil level gauges - remote electronic oil level gauges are available to alert you when the level drops below a certain point
  • Security Lights - Motion activated lights are better than static lights. The light going on and off is more likely to alert you and passers by
  • Fencing - Putting up a fence can protect the tank but remember to maintain access for the delivery driver
  • CCTV - This can be an expensive way of deterring thieves but it is growing in popularity
  • Gravel - putting gravel on the access route to your tank will make noise when someone is approaching
  • Defensive planting - Plant thorny hedges such as hawthorn, berberis or pyracantha

For more information take a look at a leaflet produced by Nottinghamshire police Securing Your Oil Tank (PDF File, 670kb)

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