Construction noise

We may investigate complaints from naturally noisy operations such as building works (including DIY), road-works, demolition and dredging. Sometimes construction or demolition noise may be occurring at unreasonable times from poorly maintained equipment, or the activities are not using methods to control or minimise noise.

Under the Control of Pollution Act 1974 the council can serve a notice imposing requirements as to how the construction works should be carried out to minimise any problems. In some instances, we can set noise limits by taking into account the character of the local area.

If you are intending to carry out construction works, you may apply to us in advance for consent. However, please note that complying with the terms of a notice or consent does not rule out proceedings by an individual on the grounds of noise nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act.

The Considerate Constructor Scheme is where contractors agree to abide by a code of practice to minimise disturbance and ensure safety. Where this is the case, they usually display a sign with a complaints number at the site where the construction activities are taking place.

How to report noise

To report a noise you can complete our online form or call us on 01636 650000.

Please be aware that the process of investigating a complaint alleging a statutory nuisance, through to resolving the complaint, may take from a few days to several weeks, and in cases where legal action has to be taken, sometimes up to six months.

We are generally unable to deal with anonymous reports and complaints.

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