Burglar alarm noise

Noise nuisance can be caused by faulty burglar alarms or if your alarm rings regularly for no apparent reason.

If you have a burglar alarm fitted to your property we recommend the following measures to avoid this becoming a problem:

  • Your alarm should be fitted with an automatic cut-out device to stop the ringing after 20 minutes
  • You should supply a key and the alarm code to a neighbour or somebody available to disable and reset the alarm should a problem arise when you are away for some time or on holiday
  • You should ensure that your alarm is regularly checked and any faults are fixed by an appropriately qualified person.

Should your alarm cause a noise nuisance by ringing for no apparent reason the council can serve a notice on you requiring you to stop causing the nuisance. If you fail to comply the council may have to gain entry to your property and disable the alarm in your absence. A charge will then be made to carry out this work and you may still be prosecuted and liable for a fine of up to £5,000 in the courts.

How to report noise

To report a noise you can complete our online form or call us on 01636 650000.

Please be aware that the process of investigating a complaint alleging a statutory nuisance, through to resolving the complaint, may take from a few days to several weeks, and in cases where legal action has to be taken, sometimes up to six months.

We are generally unable to deal with anonymous reports and complaints.

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