Councils unite to combat fly-tipping in Nottinghamshire

29 July 2019

Fly-tippers are being warned that action is being stepped up against their crimes throughout Nottinghamshire.

Local authorities are joining forces to deal with the costly battle against fly-tipping in the county.

Newark and Sherwood District Council deals with around 1,300 incidents of fly-tipping a year – approximately four a day - with clean-up costs running into the tens of thousands of pounds.

The Cleaner Nottinghamshire Group - which is made up of all Nottinghamshire local authorities, Nottinghamshire Police, Highways England, Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the Environment Agency – has been launched to combat environmental crime by sharing resources and intelligence.

Using a police system, agencies are able to share data around illegal waste carriers, vehicles used in fly-tipping offences and perpetrators of waste crime.

Councillor David Lloyd, district council leader, said: “Fly-tipping is an illegal, ugly, hazardous blight on the environment which is tarnishing landscapes across Newark and Sherwood.

“We are continuing to invest time and resources into tackling this crime as part of our Cleaner, Safer and Greener initiative and we are actively pursuing perpetrators. I welcome this partnership with the police and other councils to strengthen our links across district and county borders in dealing with fly-tipping and I hope it will make a positive difference.”

Many such instances are carried out by individuals operating as illegal waste carriers and householders can help combat the problem by making sure they only pass waste to a registered carrier or broker.

Waste carrier licences are a legal requirement for those who collect, carry, buy, sell or dispose of waste. It is a criminal offence to carry out activity of such nature without a licence.

Advertisements of waste collection services and ‘tip runs’ are also rife on local social media pages and selling sites. However, such services are often offered very cheaply and rubbish is consequently not always disposed of legally.

In addition, the reality is that those who use these collection services are just as liable as those who abandoned the waste and are therefore inadvertently contributing to the surge in dumped waste in the district.

It is essential that those needing to get rid of bulky waste check that the service that they are using is legal and licensed on the Environment Agency website:

The district council is also highlighting the importance of evidence being provided by the public. A fly-tipper in Blidworth was recently fined £200 after a local resident caught the crime in action on their mobile phone and passed the footage to the council.

Fly-tipping is a crime under the Environmental Protection Act which carries a possible fine of up to £50,000. Fixed penalty notices are an important method of enforcement in tackling small scale fly-tipping incidents.

If you witness someone flytipping please leave the evidence where it is and report it to the council at or call 01636 650000 as soon as possible. Please make a note of any vehicle registrations and any other identifying evidence. 


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