Making the most of the food we buy!

The Love Food Hate Waste team can help you find your perfect portion! Provide tips on savvy storage and answer your questions on making the most of the food we buy!

Wasting food has a huge environmental impact – if we reduced the amount of food thrown away, it would save the equivalent of at least 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. That’s like taking 1 in every 4 cars off our roads.

Food waste is damaging to the environment because producing, storing and getting the food to our homes uses a lot of energy and resources – all of which are wasted when food gets thrown away in our rubbish bins. When most of this food reaches landfill sites it emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

We throw food out for two main reasons:

We let food go off

Food is either completely untouched, or opened/started but not finished, costing £6.7 billion per year. This equates to nearly a third of the food we buy, it's like buying three bags of shopping and giving one back.

We cook or prepare too much

This extra waste costs us around £4.8 billion per year. We waste 200,000 tonnes of condiments, sauces, herbs and spices every year in the UK, costing us £700million. This is down to opening a packet to flavour one meal, then never using that herb or spice again. The main culprit however, is pasta sauce. We either cook too much or leave a little in the jar which never gets used.

Save time, save money!

We waste £12billion a year on food which we buy and throw away. Understanding 'use by' dates and knowing how to store food to keep it fresher for longer can help save pounds.

Find out how you can save up to £50 per month by throwing away less food, try our latest seasonal recipes, find out about growing your own food and find out how to plan your portions!

Discover the Love Food, Hate Waste website

If you haven’t discovered the Love Food, Hate Waste website yet it’s a brilliant resource for money saving tips, advice on storing food properly, portion planning, smart shopping and finding a leftover food recipe.

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