Village Council of Kings Clipstone

Prior to 2011, Kings Clipstone, or “Old Clipstone” as it was previously named, was part of the greater Clipstone Parish area which included two communities. Old Clipstone, as the name implies was the original Clipstone Village which had been in existence for literally a thousand years.

New Clipstone came into being during the 1920’s coal mining development era and was situated a short distance away from the original Village. For some time during the recent past, a few residents felt that, for two main reasons, Old Clipstone should recover its own individual identity.

Firstly it was argued that the Village title failed to recognise the extremely important royal heritage aspect of a separate community and its direct relationship to English history. Secondly, residents claimed that a disproportionate allocation of public funds (Parish rates) was being applied between the two communities

A Local group was formed called “A Celebration of Kings Clipstone” and this group carried out extensive and very commendable research in what they described as “reclaiming our heritage and re-establishing the Village’s own identity”. During this work it became very clear that the two communities within the Clipstone Parish would work better by each having their own Parish Council.

It was therefore suggested to the Newark and Sherwood District Council that the Parish boundaries be re drawn and the following was suggested. Firstly that the residents of New Clipstone, comprising the former coal mining community and Cavendish Park, would be represented by the existing Clipstone Parish Council. Secondly, that the residents of Old Clipstone comprising the original Village, extended dwellings (approx. 140), outlying farms and countryside would be represented by a newly appointed Village Council of Kings Clipstone.

In terms of functions and powers a Village Council and a Parish Council have exactly the same.

Following lengthy negotiations, consultations and legal procedures, the proposal was accepted and the two parishes were brought into existence from April 2011. Elections were held for the seven councillor vacancies on the (new) Village Council and the councils first meeting was held in May 2011. An acting council Clerk was appointed to set up the initial administration and to implement the councils policies. The Village Council has now completed its first year of operation and the acting clerk has been appointed permanent clerk to the council.

Village Council achievements

Achievements during the first year (2011/12) by the Village Council

  • Acquisition of Recreation Ground Lease
  • Acceptance of ownership of Recreation Ground Hut
  • Replacement of Post Box on main Road.
  • Provision of new notice board. (Dog and Duck Pub Car Park)
  • Provision of new notice board in bus shelter (Squires Lane)
  • New Garden bed on Monument Green (top of Rathole)
  • Diamond Jubilee Celebration.
  • Appointment of permanent Clerk to the Village Council
  • Setting up procedures for consultations on planning application
  • New signage identifying the main Road
  • Representation on “Safer Neighbourhood Group”

Matters for 2013

Matters being considered by the Village Council 2012/13

  • Replacement of Bus Shelter, Main Road.
  • Restoration as a Community asset of former telephone Kiosk, Main Road.
  • Grass Cutting Contract. Recreation field and road sides
  • Control of speeding traffic.
  • Feasibility studies for a Heritage/Community Centre
  • Recreation Ground development
  • Web Site development
  • News Letter

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