Private landlord advice

We aim to work with landlords and agents to ensure responsible renting through advice and encouragement. When necessary we will enforce the legal standards which apply. Although many landlords already have well-managed properties, others may need advice and assistance to enable them to run their business correctly and to ensure they meet their legal obligations.

If you are seeking tenants for your property, we may be able to assist through the council's RealHome service

This leaflet (PDF File, 400kb) is aimed at those looking to rent their property and includes advice on how to avoid problems with private renting.

Fire safety

National guidance is available that provides advice on how to keep residential buildings safe from fire and how to carry out a fire risk assessment. Landlords who follow this guidance will then be well placed to satisfy requirements set out under fire safety legislation.

LACORS guidance - housing fire safety (PDF File, 1,575kb)  Gas safety

Landlords must ensure all gas appliances and flues provided for tenants are safe and are subject to an annual safety check carried out only by a Gas Safe registered engineer. The following leaflet provides further information for landlords and tenants: LACORS gas safe register advice leaflet (PDF File, 798kb)  


Guidance is available on the regulation of crowding and space hazards in residential dwellings. To download this guidance, please use the following link: LACORS guidance - crowding and space (PDF File, 1,198kb)  

Houses in Multiple Occupation

There are a number of specific requirements for landlords of these dwellings and a mandatory licensing scheme for particular high risk properties. See our Houses in Multiple Occupation pages for more information.

Landlord Accreditation Scheme

For any landlord seeking accreditation for their activities, including details on joining the scheme, please refer to the DASH Landlord Accreditation Scheme.

Contact details

If you are a landlord and require further advice, please contact us.

DASH Services website

Gas Safe Register website

Health and Safety Executive website – Gas health and safety

Call B4 You Serve

Are you considering giving notice to your tenants?
If so, please contact 'Call B4 You Serve', a new free of charge service provided by your local authority.

The service aims to help landlords with the following:

  •  Rent arrears
  •  Mediation between you and your tenants
  • Communication issues
  •  Help and advice on leasing properties to supported housing providers
  • Housing Benefit and Universal Credit Issues
  • Helping tenants to maximise their income

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