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Homelessness Review and Strategy

We have recently commissioned a successful review of homelessness and created a new five year Homelessness Prevention and Rough Sleeper Strategy 2019-2024.

This strategy sets out the key findings from the homelessness review and our resultant themes and priorities which will be delivered by working with our strategic and voluntary sector partners whose contribution is vital and greatly appreciated.

This strategy sets out how we aim to respond to the challenges ahead, reduce homelessness and the impact of homelessness in Newark and Sherwood and subsequently support the Council’s Community Plan and respond to the challenges ahead.

It is Newark & Sherwood District Council’s vision that the population should be living in, or can access, homes that are affordable, warm and within a safe community that promotes the health and wellbeing of residents. Central to achieving this vision is ensuring that homelessness affects the smallest possible number of residents and where it does; there is help available to quickly resolve their situation so that it does not happen again.

This Strategy identifies a number of priority areas and actions that need to be taken to ensure this vision is achieved.

The aims of this Strategy are to:

• Prevent as many residents as possible from becoming homeless

• Ensure that if anyone has to sleep rough, it is brief and does not happen again

• Help as many residents as possible to move seamlessly from one home to another without the need for emergency or temporary accommodation

• Provide a good quality service that customers are highly satisfied with.

The objectives of this Strategy are:

• To improve financial resilience amongst the population at risk of homelessness, through a proactive and integrated local welfare benefits system

• To increase the amount of social housing available to homeless households and increase the sustainability of social housing tenancies

• To deliver additional supported housing and housing related support as required

• To increase the amount of PRS private rental sector (PRS) housing available to homeless households and increase the sustainability of PRS tenancies

• To ensure the support needs of homeless households and households at risk of homelessness are appropriately met, in order to reduce their risk of homelessness and the risk of homelessness increasing their support needs

• To end rough sleeping and street activity and encourage the community to do their bit to end homelessness

• To achieve high customer satisfaction with the outcome and experience of the support provided by Housing Options

• To ensure services are designed based on robust evidence and effectively monitored and evaluated.

The Council recognises that it cannot achieve this vision on its own and a central theme to this Strategy is partnership working which will be achieved through the joint Homelessness Interagency Forum.

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