Installing better insulation

Domestic heating currently accounts for 25% of UK energy use; we use so much energy for heating because many British houses have little or no insulation, are draughty and lack basic energy efficiency technologies. Cold, damp homes cause excess winter mortality, particularly among the elderly, and living in a cold house greatly increases the risk of contracting a serious illness.

Installing better insulation will address these problems and is the most effective way to improve domestic energy efficiency and raise the standard of UK housing. As well as reducing the carbon emissions from domestic energy use, better insulated homes would save money – especially as fuel prices keep rising.

There are many easy and inexpensive ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and under the CERT grants scheme almost anyone can get help towards the cost of some of the most effective methods including cavity wall and loft insulation.

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Insulating and draught proofing products

The table below outlines the main ways homes or other buildings can be adapted to keep warm more easily. It also gives some of the latest cost breakdowns, information about payback periods and yearly carbon dioxide (CO2) savings.

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Ways of insulating and draught proofing your home
MeasureAnnual savingInstalled costPayback period (years)Yearly C02 saving
Cavity wall insulation  £115  £500  4 years  610kg
External wall insulation   £400  £10,500-£14,500  26 years  2,100kg
 Internal wall insulation  £380  £5,500-£8,500  15 years  2,000kg
 Floor insulation  £50  £100 (DIY)  2 years  270kg
Filling gaps between floor & skirting boards  £20  £20  1 year  110kg
Loft insulation - full 270mm   £110  £250  2 years  800kg
Loft installation top up to 270 mm   £30 £500 or £200 DIY

16 years installed

 or 6 years DIY


Draught proofing   £20  £200 or £90 DIY

 10 years or 5 years


 up to 155kg
Hot water tank jacket   £35  £12 DIY  6 months  190kg
Primary pipe insulation   £10  £10 DIY  1 year  60kg
Double glazing   About £90  Varies  Varies  740kg


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