Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Methodology (PDF File, 1,029kb)

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Executive Summary (PDF File, 272kb)

Introduction & Purpose (PDF File, 67kb)

Site Assessments (PDF File, 388kb) 

Monitoring (PDF File, 111kb) 

Summary of Results (PDF File, 101kb)

Appendices (PDF File, 677kb)

Site Assessments by Parish

Alverton (PDF File, 35kb)

Averham (PDF File, 480kb)

Balderton (PDF File, 3,270kb)

Bathley (PDF File, 511kb)

Besthorpe (PDF File, 715kb)

Bilsthorpe & Rufford (PDF File, 3,938kb)

Bleasby (PDF File, 2,534kb)

Blidworth (PDF File, 2,979kb)

Bulcote (PDF File, 295kb)  

Carlton on Trent (PDF File, 38kb)

Caunton (PDF File, 762kb)

Caythorpe (PDF File, 483kb)

Clipstone (PDF File, 3,329kb)

Coddington (PDF File, 1,682kb)

Collingham (PDF File, 5,045kb)

Cotham (PDF File, 37kb)

Cromwell (PDF File, 534kb)

Eakring (PDF File, 1,013kb)

East Stoke with Thorpe (PDF File, 406kb)‌ 

Edwinstowe (PDF File, 2,955kb)

Egmanton (PDF File, 520kb)

Elston (PDF File, 932kb)

Epperstone (PDF File, 474kb)

Farndon (PDF File, 3,158kb)

Farnsfield (PDF File, 1,016kb)

Fernwood (PDF File, 435kb)

Fiskerton cum Morton (PDF File, 1,726kb)

Girton with Meering (PDF File, 202kb)

Gonalston (PDF File, 529kb)

Grassthorpe (PDF File, 37kb)

Gunthorpe (PDF File, 1,152kb)

Halam (PDF File, 1,739kb)

Halloughton (PDF File, 46kb)

Harby (PDF File, 1,019kb)

Hawton (Land South of Newark) (PDF File, 463kb)

Hockerton (PDF File, 613kb)

Holme (PDF File, 37kb)

Hoveringham (PDF File, 578kb)

Kelham (PDF File, 37kb)   

Kersall (PDF File, 432kb)

Kilvington (PDF File, 37kb)

Kirklington (PDF File, 528kb)

Kirton (PDF File, 304kb)

Kneesall (PDF File, 500kb)

Langford (PDF File, 389kb)

Laxton & Moorhouse (PDF File, 293kb)

Lowdham (PDF File, 2,001kb)

Maplebeck (PDF File, 37kb)

Newark (PDF File, 12,497kb)

North Clifton (PDF File, 37kb)

North Muskham (PDF File, 1,694kb)

Norwell (PDF File, 2,169kb)

Ollerton & Boughton (PDF File, 3,913kb)

Ompton (PDF File, 37kb)

Ossington (PDF File, 37kb)

Oxton (PDF File, 704kb)

Perlethorpe-cum-Budby (PDF File, 148kb)

Rainworth (PDF File, 2,079kb)

Rolleston (PDF File, 818kb)

Southwell (PDF File, 4,104kb)

South Clifton (PDF File, 413kb)

South Muskham & Little Carlton (PDF File, 1,429kb)

South Scarle (PDF File, 375kb)

Spalford (PDF File, 373kb)

Staunton (PDF File, 37kb)

Staythorpe (PDF File, 672kb)

Sutton on Trent (PDF File, 1,958kb)

Syerston (PDF File, 569kb)

Thorney (PDF File, 1,119kb)

Thurgarton (PDF File, 1,584kb)

Upton (PDF File, 909kb)

Walesby (PDF File, 2,098kb)

Wellow (PDF File, 642kb)

Weston (PDF File, 612kb)

Wigsley (PDF File, 396kb)

Winkburn (PDF File, 375kb)

Winthorpe (PDF File, 2,247kb)

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