District Wide Transport Study

District Wide Transport Study (PDF File, 994kb)

Study Figures

Figure 1 - Accident Plot (PDF File, 1,490kb)

Figure 2 - Study Area (PDF File, 1,555kb)

Figure 3 - Rural Road Network (PDF File, 745kb)

Figure 4 - Newark Urban Network (PDF File, 1,536kb)

Figure 5 - 2008 Existing AADT Flows (PDF File, 749kb)

Figure 6 - 2008 Existing HGV Flows (PDF File, 753kb)

Figure 7 - 2008 Existing AM Peak Hour Flows (PDF File, 786kb)

Figure 8 - 2008 Existing PM Peak Hour Flows (PDF File, 784kb)

Figure 9 - CRF Existing Link Values (PDF File, 761kb)

Figure 10 - 2008 Existing Network Stress Plan (PDF File, 748kb)

Figure 11 - 2026 Base Committed AM Flows Newark (PDF File, 1,513kb)

Figure 12 - 2026 Base Committed PM Flows Newark (PDF File, 1,513kb)

Figure 13 - Existing Bus Service Network (PDF File, 1,233kb)

Figure 14 - Existing Bus Stops (PDF File, 1,564kb)

Figure 15 - Existing Passenger Rail Network (PDF File, 1,673kb)

Figure 16 - Existing Public Rights of Way (PDF File, 1,479kb)

Figure 17 - Existing HGV Weight Restrictions (PDF File, 1,653kb)

Figure 18 - Committed Cycle and Walking Improvements (PDF File, 1,537kb)

Figure 19 - Adjacent Districts (PDF File, 687kb)

Figure 20 - Committed within District Flows AADT (Rural Network) (PDF File, 709kb)

Figure 21 - 2026 Committed Development outside the District AA (PDF File, 693kb)

Figure 22 - 2026 Committed Development All Sites AADT (Rural Network) (PDF File, 709kb)

Figure 23 - 2026 Base + Committed Flows AADT (Rural Network) (PDF File, 740kb)

Figure 24 - 2026 Network Stress Plan Base Plus Committed AADT (PDF File, 749kb)

Figure 25 - Growth Site Locations (PDF File, 1,625kb)

Figure 26 - Employment Development AADT Flows (Rural) Preferred Scenario (PDF File, 687kb)

Figure 27 - Residential Development AADT Flows (Rural) Preferred Scenario (PDF File, 691kb)

Figure 28 - Combined Development AADT Flows (Rural) Preferred Scenario (PDF File, 692kb)

Figure 29 - Total Base + Committed + Combined Development Flows AADT (Rural) Pre (PDF File, 722kb)

Figure 30 - Stress Plan (Rural) Preferred Scenario (PDF File, 719kb)                                                                                         

Study Glossary

Study Glossary (PDF File, 271kb)

Study Appendices

Appendix A - Base Data (PDF File, 525kb)

Appendix B - Walking & Cycling Assumptions (PDF File, 10kb)

Appendix C - A46 Newark to Widmerpool Improvement (PDF File, 979kb)

Appendix D - Ollerton Roundabout Improvement (PDF File, 1,483kb)

Appendix E - Committed Development (PDF File, 5,813kb)

Appendix F - Comparison with TEMPRO (PDF File, 14kb)

Appendix G - Growth Site Details (PDF File, 5,735kb)

Appendix H - Accessibility Assessment (PDF File, 94kb)

Appendix I - VISUM Modelling (PDF File, 4,550kb)

Appendix J - Train Timetables (PDF File, 1,958kb)          




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