Would a water meter save you money?

Many customers find that their bills are cheaper after switching to a water meter. It's simple - a meter measures the water you use, so you only pay for what you use. Severn Trent will also fit your meter free of charge.

If you rent your property and your tenancy agreement is longer than 6 months you can have a meter installed without permission, however, we do always advise you to make your landlord aware of any changes you make to the property.

Once the meter has been fitted you will have a two year trial period. At any point during this period you can tell Severn Trent that you want to change back to paying for your water based on your property's rateable value.

If you do want to switch back the request will need to come from the original account holder before the cut-off date.

You can apply for a water meter to be installed by contacting 02477 715838. They'll run you through a calculator to check you will benefit from being on a meter and if so, your meter fit will be scheduled in there and then over the phone.

There are some cases where Severn Trent are unable to install a meter. For example, the pipe work in your property may not allow room for a meter to be installed, but don't worry; if this is the case, Severn Trent can offer further schemes to reduce charges.

Take a look at the table below. This will show you what your bill could be by switching onto a meter.

Average water meter charges

Water Rate Charge for households

You could also view this on the Severn Trent website.

It has a lot of information about free meters and all the services Severn Trent provide to their customers.

You can also order water efficiency products from the website free of charge. These can help you reduce the amount of water you consume and can reduce bills even further as you are on a water meter.

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