Renewable energy

There are financial benefits too with renewable energy. Investing in a renewable energy technology now basically means pre-buying energy at today’s prices for a future where energy may cost a lot more. If fuel prices rise, your pay back would happen even sooner.

Planning permission

When applications for renewable energy generators such as wind turbines are submitted, the degree of impact on the environment must be considered and proposals must be examined against other plan policies within the Newark and Sherwood Local Plan.

The proposals are then considered in more detail regarding the acceptability of the proposal and any likely wider environmental and physical effects, and whether these issues are sufficient enough to fail any of the identified policies in terms of the extent and degree of impact of the proposal.

You can seek guidance from the council’s planning department before submitting an application by contacting us on the number/email address below.

Feed-in Tariffs (FITs)

The Feed-in-Tariffs scheme is a UK Government incentive designed to encourage uptake of a range of small scale renewable and low carbon electricity generation technologies.

Under this scheme energy suppliers have to (compulsory for big six suppliers) make regular payments to householders and communities who generate their own electricity from renewable or low carbon sources such as solar electricity panels (PV) or wind turbines.

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