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Residents of Elston are being asked by the parish council and Heritage Group if they can help a lady from New Zealand to trace her ancestors in the village.
Cathy Senescall is to make her first visit to England in September and is hoping to be able to find the burial places and addresses of her ancestors. 'I would dearly love to find out as much about them as possible', she says.
Mrs Senescall is particularly looking for people with the surname Scarborough. She has looked in records and found an Elston connection dating back to 1724 when John Scarborough was born in the village, he died in October 1788. Another man of the same name is known to have died in Elston in November 1826. A third John Scarborough was born in the village in 1789 and died Feb 1 1836.
Two other men born in Elston with the name Scarborough were Thomas, born 1796 and died 1878 and George born 1838 and died 1870 in Teversal.
Mrs Senescall said:"I have only ever been out of New Zealand to go to Australia and the Cook Islands. This is going to be such an historical journey for me."

If you have any information which may help Mrs Senescall, please email Mike Elliott elliottnews@btinternet.com

The Village of Elston

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Historic Elston

The whole area is steeped in history and great events have taken place around the Village.  The Romans settlements at Margidunum (Bingham) and at the river crossing at Ad Pontem (East Stoke) on the Fosse Way that joined Isca (Exeter) to Lindum (Lincoln). The Danes sailed up the Trent and settled in neighbouring Thorpe and at Gunthorpe.  Elston itself was founded by the Angles in the 5th Century, and the square shape of the Village is typically Anglo Saxon.  The name is derived from a Viking leader Elva, and is cited in the Domesday book as Elvastun.  In 1487, Henry VII put down Lambert Simnel’s rebellion at East Stoke, in the final battle of the Wars of the Roses.  While the English Civil War raged, Royalist Newark was besieged by the Parliamentarians.  During the Second World War, Syerston airfield was used for training RAF bomber crews.

Historic old buildings in and adjacent to the Parish include Elston Hall, All Saints Church, the Old Chapel of Ease on the site of a mediaeval leper hospital, the Methodist Chapel, and Elston Towers, the Victorian mansion of preacher Robert Middleton, now refurbished as a day spa and renamed Eden Hall. 

Elston Hall was the home of the Darwin family from 1680 until just after the Second World War, when the estate was sold.  Its most famous resident was the savant Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Charles Darwin.  Erasmus was the founder of the Lunar Society, which included Robert Boyle, Joseph Priestley and Benjamin Franklin. 

Elston today

Like many villages in the area, Elston is quickly changing in character.  Farming is no longer a major employer in the Parish, although there are four farms still in operation.  Most people who work commute by car to local towns and cities.  Many farm buildings have been converted into residences and some into local businesses.  There are 26 businesses in the Parish, including motor repairs, building trades, beauty and fitness, and IT training and consultation. 

Elston currently has about 650 residents in 280 households.  A number of new homes have been built within the last twenty years on once open spaces and there continues to be infill development on some of the large gardens.

Pathways and Rights of Way

Elston is a member of the Parish Paths Partnership (P3) Scheme. The scheme helps us to improve and promote the rights of way network around the parish.

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