Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)  Review 2017

Following independent examination of the Amended CIL Charging Schedule in August 2017 and approval at full council on 12th December 2017, the Newark and Sherwood CIL Charging Schedule, including the associated instalment policy and Regulation 123 List will come into force on 1st January 2018. The CIL Examiners Report can be viewed at:  CIL Examination Report (2017) (PDF File, 164kb)  

CIL Charging Schedule and Regulation 123 List (01.01.2018)

CIL Charging Schedule and Instalment Policy 01.01.2018 (PDF File, 455kb)

CIL Regulation 123 List (Amended 01.01.2018) (PDF File, 214kb)

 Examination documents

CIL/EX/001 - Briefing Notes from Examiner (PDF File, 226kb)

CIL/EX/002 - Hearings Programme (PDF File, 144kb)

Statement of Common Ground (PDF File, 225kb)

Submission documents

CIL/001 CIL Draft Charging Schedule March 2017 (PDF File, 424kb)

CIL/001A Draft Revised Regulation 123 List March 2017 (PDF File, 214kb)

CIL/002 Draft Residential CIL Charging Zones Map

CIL/003 Draft Charging Schedule representations (contact Programme Officer)

CIL/004 Statement of Representations May 2017 (PDF File, 363kb)

CIL/005 Whole Plan & CIL Viability Assessment March 2017 (PDF File, 1,872kb)

CIL/006 Appendix 1: Property Value Study June 2016 (PDF File, 5,755kb)

CIL/007 Appendix 2: Construction Cost Study March 2016 (PDF File, 50kb)

CIL/008 Infrastructure Delivery Plan (Revised February 2017) (PDF File, 13,729kb)

CIL/009 Infrastructure Funding Gap Review Report February 2017 (PDF File, 448kb)

CIL/010 CIL Development Plan Position Statement (PDF File, 201kb)

Evidence base

CIL/011 CIL Charging Schedule including instalment Policy May 2013 (PDF File, 7,248kb) 

CIL/012 Regulation 123 list July 2016 (PDF File, 214kb)

CIL/013 CIL and Section 106 Statement (PDF File, 1,308kb)

CIL/014 Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (PDF File, 6,163kb)

CIL/015 Whole Plan & CIL Viability Assessment (June 2016) (PDF File, 2,347kb)

 See CIL/006 Appendix 1: Property Value Study June 2016 (PDF File, 5,755kb) 

 See CIL/007 Appendix 2: Construction Cost Study March 2016 (PDF File, 50kb)

CIL/016 Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan October 2016 (PDF File, 13,662kb)

CIL/017 Preliminary DCS Summary of Responses and Officer Comments January 2017 (PDF File, 350kb)

CIL/018 Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule responses (contact Programme Officer)

CIL/019 Adopted Core Strategy (March 2011) (PDF File, 3,021kb)

CIL/020 Adopted Allocations and Development Management DPD (PDF File, 10,347kb)

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