There are seven rapid charge points in three of the district council’s car parks. In total 14 electric vehicles can be charged at any one time.

  • 4 at Riverside carpark (Fastcharge)
  • 1 at Appletongate carpark (Ultracharge)
  • 2 at Castle House (1 x Fastcharge and 1 x Ultracharge) 

The ‘fastcharging’ charge points at Riverside can power up most vehicles in as little as three hours while the ‘ultracharge’ one at Appletongate provides up to 80 per cent power within 30 minutes.

Customers access the equipment through a smart card or mobile app. 

Chargemaster Fastcharge Electric Car Charging Point

Choose from 3.6kW and 7.3kW (single phase) or 11kW and 22kW (three phase) charging rate per socket.

Fully charge in as little as 3 hours for most cars.

Chargemaster Ultracharge Rapid Electric Car Charging Point

Runs from a 3 phase 400V / 80A supply per phase.

Charges most vehicles to 80% in only 30 minutes.

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