Balderton Parish Council Minutes

Planning Committee Minutes


Oct 2019 (PDF File, 122kb)

Jul 2019 (PDF File, 119kb)

May 2019 (PDF File, 16kb)

Apr 2019 (PDF File, 84kb)

Mar 2019 (PDF File, 120kb)


Dec 2018 (PDF File, 13kb)

Nov 2018 (PDF File, 13kb)

Sep 2018 (PDF File, 16kb)

Jul 2018 (PDF File, 17kb)

Jun 2018 (PDF File, 16kb)

May 2018 (PDF File, 16kb)

Jan 2018 (PDF File, 85kb)


Nov 2017 (PDF File, 91kb)

Jun 2017 (PDF File, 85kb)

May 2017 (PDF File, 13kb)

Apr 2017 (PDF File, 84kb)


Mar 2017 (PDF File, 140kb)

Feb 2017-2 (PDF File, 16kb)

Feb 2017 (PDF File, 17kb)

Jan 2017 (PDF File, 87kb)


Apr 2016 (PDF File, 14kb)

Jun 2016 (PDF File, 17kb)

Jul 2016 (PDF File, 18kb)

Aug 2016 (PDF File, 18kb)

Oct 2016 (PDF File, 14kb)

Nov 2016 (PDF File, 1kb)


Jan 2015-2 (PDF File, 10kb)

Feb 2015 (PDF File, 9kb)


Apr 2015 (PDF File, 234kb)

Jun 2015 (PDF File, 85kb)

Jun 15-2 (PDF File, 84kb)

Jul 2015 (PDF File, 236kb)

Oct 2015 (PDF File, 84kb)‌‌

Oct 2015-2 (PDF File, 81kb)

Nov 2015 (PDF File, 80kb)

Dec 2015 (PDF File, 8kb)


Jan 2014 (PDF File, 11kb)

Feb 2014 (PDF File, 12kb)

Mar 2014 (PDF File, 11kb)

Apr 2014 (PDF File, 11kb)

May 2014 (PDF File, 79kb)

May 2014-2 (PDF File, 77kb)

Jul 2014 (PDF File, 83kb)

July 2014-2 (PDF File, 79kb)

Sept 2014 (PDF File, 86kb)

Sept 2014-2 (PDF File, 9kb)

Oct 2014 (PDF File, 9kb)

Dec 2014 (PDF File, 10kb)

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