Unused Fireworks

  • Never put unused fireworks in your wheelie bin or kerbside recycling bins
  • Ask the retailer whether any remaining fireworks can be returned. If you have a large number of unused fireworks contact your local firework manufacturer who will collect them free of charge


  • Only burn dry garden waste like untreated wood and branches. Small amounts of leaves, card and paper can be used as kindling. Remaining card and paper can be recycled in your kerbside collection or at any recycling centre
  • Do not burn plastics, oils, household rubbish, aerosols, rubber tyres or canisters.
  • Do not burn paint on your bonfire, it can produce toxic smoke that pollutes the environment and could choke people nearby. Donate it to the your local Community Repaint scheme
  • Do not burn furniture on your bonfire. Donate it to The Furniture Project

Garden Waste - Autumn can mean a lot of excess garden waste.

Home composting

  • Start a compost bin and add your grass cuttings, leaves, prunings and you carved Halloween pumpkin - your compost should be ready for use in the spring and summer months
  • Use a lawnmower to pick up your leaves as this shred them, helping the compost process
  • Recycle Now offers lots of useful information about home composting


  • If you have a kerbside recycling collection for garden waste, then you can put your grass cuttings, prunings and leaves in your recycling bin
  • If you don't have kerbside recycling, take your garden waste to your nearest recycling centre

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