Benefit fraud

Benefit fraud is a serious matter and is a drain on public funds.

We are keen to ensure that benefits are correctly paid to those who have a true entitlement to them, but a firm stance is taken against those who abuse the system. 

Typical examples of benefit fraud are people who:

  • work but do not declare this when claiming benefits
  • fail to declare other forms of income when claiming benefits
  • claim as a single person but actually live with a partner
  • claim benefit for an address where they are not living
  • fail to declare their capital or savings when claiming benefits

If you suspect that someone you know is claiming housing or council tax support to which they are not entitled you can contact:

  • National Benefit Fraud Hotline on 0800 854 440 who will gather and record details of the suspected fraud
  • Visit and complete an online form
  • Write to NBFH PO Box 224 Preston PR1 1GP 

Please give as much detailed information as you can. You do not have to give your name or address.


National Benefit Fraud Hotline
PO Box 224

0800 854 440

  • 01636 650000

    Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm

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