Conduct of Councillors

The council has adopted a code of conduct that sets out rules governing the behaviour of its councillors.

The code of conduct covers areas of individual behaviour such as councillors not abusing their position or not misusing council resources. In addition, there are rules governing disclosure of interest and withdrawal from meetings where councillors have relevant interests. Councillors are also required to record on the public register their financial and other interests.

Standards Committee

The standards committee at Newark and Sherwood exists to ensure that the elected council members maintain the high standard of conduct that is expected of them.

This includes:

a) Ensuring members are trained to carry out their duties effectively
b) Advising on the councillors’ code of conduct
c) Dealing with the local filtering of complaints
d) Conducting of local hearings and determination of sanctions should a breach of the code of conduct be found

Making a complaint against a councillor

Please submit your complaint to:

The Standards Committee
Newark and Sherwood District Council
Kelham Hall
Newark on Trent
NG23 5QX

The standards committee can only deal with complaints about the behaviour of a councillor. It will not deal with complaints about things that are not covered by the councillors’ code of conduct. If you make a complaint to the standards committee it must be about why you think a councillor has not followed the code of conduct

Appointment of Independent Person

Under the provisions of the Localism Act 2011, we are required to appoint an Independent Person to assist the council in promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct amongst its elected members and town and parish councillors.

The Independent Person will be consulted on the decision to investigate complaints and before it makes a decision on an investigated complaint. 

The Independent Person may be consulted on other standards matters, including by the member who is subject to an allegation.

The closing date for applications was 11th May 2012. 

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