CCTV - Requesting footage

You can request images of you which have been recorded by the council's CCTV camera system. However any requests must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.  

To make a request, please download and submit the form on this page. 

If, under the Data Protection Act, we can meet your request there will be a charge to view the footage.  There may be additional charges if we have to obscure images of other people in the film, or for any media supplied such as DVDs.

If you, your car or property have been involved in an incident and you believe this may have been caught on the council's CCTV cameras, you should first report the incident to the Police who will investigate the matter. 

You, your insurance company or lawyer can request to access the images using the form on this page if it is in connection with an investigation or court case, however charges will still apply.  We will need specific details from you, such as the date, time and location of the incident as well as a photograph of you, to help us find the images. The photograph will help us to identify you in the footage.

We cannot provide any footage which is part of an ongoing Police investigation. In this case you or your representative would need to contact the Police Officer dealing with the case for authorisation prior to making the request. 

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