The Big Draw 2016

The STEAM powered Big Draw festival

Bringing together Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. STEAM fuses creative innovation, enterprise, digital technologies and the arts.

STEAM also represents the Big Draw's support of the campaign to give the arts parity with other subjects so that STEM becomes STEAM.

Artistic and creative thinking is essential to industries across the world. Look around you. The chair you're sitting in, the computer you're using to read this and the building you're in, all began life as a drawing. Drawing is a universal language that helps the reshape our world.

So for the Big Draw 2016 Festival you will be shown how Drawing Changes Lives beyond art. Sketch a Scientific theory, trace some Technology, etch like an Engineer or draw Mathematical equations with masking tape. The choice is yours! Together, we can change perceptions about art by showing that creativity enables innovation.

Have fun, Get Creative and share your STEAM powered drawings with the world on The Big Draw Gallery.

Big Draw

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