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If you are the owner of one of the dogs displayed below please call 01636 650000 and be ready to give details such as age, gender and location of the dog.

If the dogs aren't claimed they are sent to Carlton Forest Rescue Kennels for re-homing.

Found 06.06.2017

Found 06.06.2017

Found 06.06.2017

Found 19.05.2017

Found 18.05.2017

Found 17.05.2017

Found 16.05.2017

Found 15.05.2017

Border Collie and lamb are MISSING escaped near Perlethopre Monday evening 8 May 2017. Lamb only 5 weeks old and being bottle fed.

Border Collie and lamb found 8 May near perlethorpe 

border collie 8 may 2017 near perlethorpe

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