Lost and found cats

Lost Cats

If the worst happens and you lose your cat follow these steps

  • Thoroughly search you home and garden. Put out bedding and food
  • Widen your search. Ask neighbours to check sheds, gardens and garages
  • Make a poster / flyers including your cats photo, name, age and include a contact number
  • Good locations for posters include shops, schools, the post office or libraries
  • Share your cat’s photo on social media with a contact number

Still missing?

  • If your cat is microchipped call Petlog on 01296 336 579
  • Contact all local vets
  • Contact our Animal Welfare team on 01636 650000
  • Register your cat’s details at www.animalsearchuk.co.uk
  • Call local animal shelters / Cats Protection
  • Contact local radio stations who will often broadcast lost and found appeals
  • Contact local newspapers

Don’t give up hope – some cats are found months or even years later!

Found Cats

Follow these steps if you find what you think is a lost stray cat

  • Approach carefully. The cat might be frightened, sick or injured and so my be aggressive
  • If you are worried about their health contact Cats Protection, the RSPCA or take them to a local vet
  • Contact your local vet and ask for a microchip scan. Call Petlog on 01296 336 579
  • Contact our Animal Welfare team and ask for advice
  • Ask neighbours to see if they recognise the cat and check for missing posters in local shops, newspapers and vets
  • Give shelter and food – make a temporary shelter in a shed or greenhouse with a box, blanket and some food / clean water
  • Get help by contacting Cats Protection, RSPCA and report to www.animalsearchuk.co.uk
  • Try advertising in local schools, newspapers and on radio stations

Every year Cats Protection helps reunite over 2,700 lost cats with owners!

If you microchip your cat it makes the cat easy to identify quickly if they get lost.

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